• May 01, 2017
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Blush Hues at High Point Market

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At High Point Market, interior designers, beautiful furnishings and stunning accessories are plentiful. While décor could be found in a while rainbow of colors, there was a new neutral in town that had everyone buzzing. And it’s not beige or gray. It’s blush! 

The soft pink mauves could be found everywhere from furnishings to area rugs and accessories. But, what makes this color so great? It’s so versatile!

Warm & Calm

On its own or paired with other neutrals, a beautiful blush creates a warm and inviting space like in this cozy bed found in the Stephen Shell showroom.

Make it Edgy

To make that beautiful blush a little more edgy, Anishka Clarke of Ishka Designs suggests adding a striking red.

The Sensual Side

Krista Nye Nicholas and Tami Ramsay of Cloth & Kind also loved blush but combined with nude hues to create a more sensual feel. 

One thing is certain, every space could benefit from a little blush so let’s take a look at some beautiful spaces that have incorporated this blushing new neutral into the space.

Blushing Sofas and Rugs

A blush sofa acts as a perfect backdrop for golden hues and interesting textures in this mid-century modern home designed by Linda Mazur. The blush tones are also picked up in the beautiful area rug. 

Make it Sweet

Pink may seem like an obvious choice for a little girls room, but as proven by this beautiful Dvira Ovadia design, a subtle blush color paired with cream white and black makes for a slightly more sophisticated take on a pink bedroom.

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